We have a large selection of equipment which can be hired:

Gantry (inflatable) with start/finish either side - portable generator provided (unleaded fuel)

Gantry (aluminium) - available in any size (width and height) up to 9m x 6m

ALGE clocks - 6 digit, single sided - stopwatch, countdown and time of day options, either hung under aluminium gantry or mounted on frame - internal battery (power not required)

LED clocks - 6 digit, LED coloured display clocks - stopwatch, countdown and time of day options - mounted on frame

Cycle racking - portable cycle racks, which can hold either 4 cycles (for competition) or 5 cycles (for non competition)

MITEX radios - licenced radios with a maximum range of 10km in open country

Signage - large selection of all standard signs for sporting events - 1-10 km, 1-26 miles, warning (cycling and running), A3 arrows

Traffic cones - Large selection of standard red/white PVC cones as well as yellow "no parking" cones

Megaphone - 25w loud speaker

PA + mike - 50w portable (internal battery) and microphone

Hi-Vis vests - large supply of standard yellow unbranded hi-vis vests

Marquees - 6 x 4 m (inflatable) white marquees

Batteries - portable self contained 12v batteries (Ring) - with standard single 12v plug, cigarette lighter and USB connections

in addition to all of the above, we can hire out MyLaps decoders, cables and timing matts to recognised MyLaps timers.

We can electronically chip time your sporting events - running, cycling, triathlon or duathlon.

Using world recognised MYLAPS equipment and software.

LIVE results for each competitor (updated every 30 seconds) posted to the specific URL event page (which can also be accessed via a generated QR code) - no need for athletes waiting for individual printouts.

Wireless connections via our timing decoders (ears) - removing the need (and time) for trailing cables.

Timing can be provided either by mulit-use waterproof ankle straps or single-use bibtag (on the reverse of race numbers) timing chips.

Branded quality TYVEK race numbers can be provided free of charge for any race - even if we are not timing the event.

Eventfull Management Equipment Hire


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